Mobile jaw crusher

Mobile jaw crusher, also known as mobile crusher for coarse crushing tires, is a movable crushing equipment composed of three systems of feeding, crushing and conveying. It adopts an integrated operation method to eliminate the installation of complex site infrastructure and auxiliary facilities. In more application fields, it has replaced the traditional fixed coarse crushing production line, which can be operated alone or in combination with other mobile crushing models.

Production capacity: 85-650t/h

Feeding size: 500-800mm

Applicable materials: Crushing production of pebbles, granite, limestone, iron ore, refractory materials, construction waste and concrete aggregates.

The outstanding advantages of mobile jaw crusher

  1. Integrated design and stable operation: this machine adopts unit integration, the whole vehicle structure adopts streamlined design, the complete set has strong performance, mechanically optimized structure, reasonable and compact; hydraulic lifting, flexible operation; automatic design of the silo door, which can control the silo Feeding direction.
  2. Flexible and low investment cost: The mobile jaw crusher can directly enter the raw material site for work, without having to move the material away from the site for reprocessing, which greatly reduces the transportation cost of the material and lowers the production cost.
  3. Strong adaptability and simplified process: The equipment integrates process equipment such as material receiving, crushing, and conveying. Through the simplification and optimization of the process flow, it has high crushing operations for rock crushing, aggregate production, and open-pit mining. performance.
  4. Multi-function and flexible configuration: According to the different requirements of customers, combined with the actual situation, it can provide a variety of configuration combinations, and carry out professional customization to achieve single-unit crushing, multi-unit combined grading and crushing, screening and other functional combinations.
  5. Dust removal and noise reduction, green and environmental protection: the mobile jaw crusher is equipped with a better noise absorption system, the equipment is compact and flexible, and can meet the construction waste crushing operation in urban areas, and the equipment is equipped with a spray device during the operation, which can effectively reduce Dust splashes during the crushing process, thereby improving the working environment and ensuring production.

Principle of mobile jaw crusher
When the mobile jaw crusher operates, the materials are evenly transported to the crusher by the feeder from the mobile crushing station. After preliminary crushing by the crusher, a closed-circuit system is formed through a circular vibrating screen to realize the cyclic crushing of the materials, and the finished materials are output by the conveyor. , for continuous crushing operations. The mobile jaw crusher can remove the circular vibrating screen according to the actual production needs, realize the direct primary crushing of the material, and it is convenient and flexible to use in conjunction with other crushing equipment.

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