Operation and maintenance of jaw crusher

The jaw crusher belongs to the primary crushing and the secondary crushing in the crushing equipment. It crushes the mined large ore into smaller particles, with large crushing force, reliable operation, convenient operation and maintenance, and is the main equipment for crushing sand and gravel in mines. Proper maintenance during use will reduce condition and service life.

Precautions in the operation of jaw crusher:
The raw materials should be fed into the jaw crusher uniformly and continuously, and the feed particle size should be within the allowable range. When the feeding port is blocked, the operator should stop the feeding and remove the material blocked in the feeding port of the jaw crusher.

The jaw crusher operator should separate the wood and iron materials mixed in the raw materials.

For wood or iron mixed in the raw material, the jaw crusher operator should separate it.

Regularly check the electrical instruments of the jaw crusher. The temperature of electrical instruments and bearings should be lower than 60°C.

When there is a problem with the electrical instruments, the jaw crusher operator should notify the professional electrician in time, and must not repair it by himself.

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