Artificial sand processing crusher

The artificial sand processing crusher is mainly a device for crushing and crushing ores and minerals and finally making sand particles. At present, artificial sand processing crushers on the market include: cobblestone sand making machine, mine tailings sand making machine, artificial sand making machine stone, ore sand making machine, construction sand making machine, road building sand making machine, stone sand making machine machine.

The artificial sand processing crusher produced by our factory is imported from abroad, with good performance and long service life. The support of production technology ensures the high output, efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection of the artificial sand processing crusher. Intelligent automation is very popular among users in the market.

Structural principle of artificial sand treatment crusher
The artificial sand processing crusher is mainly composed of a body, a crushing plate, an upper rotor, a lower rotor, a pendulum, a rotary drive device, and a sieve plate.

During the working process of the artificial sand crusher, the two rotors rotate relative to each other. The material entering the crushing cavity is first hit and broken by the hammer on the first rotor, and the kinetic energy obtained then hits the second rotor. Due to the direction in which the rotor and the material fly On the contrary, at this time, the speed of each rotor hitting the material is equal to the superposition of the two speeds. After so many cycles of blowing, the material is broken and discharged through the gap of the grate.

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