Multi-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

The multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is a high-performance high-energy cone crusher developed by introducing new German technology. Combining higher rotational speed and stroke, the rated power and throughput capacity of the crusher are greatly improved, and it has a higher crushing capacity and crushing efficiency.

It has been widely used in medium, fine and ultra-fine crushing of various granite, basalt and other medium-hard rocks. It is a new product to replace spring cone crushers and general hydraulic cone crushers in today’s mining and construction industry.

Processing capacity: 72-1100t/h

Feed particle size: 60-285mm

Applicable materials: granite, cobblestone, basalt, marble, coal gangue, limestone, iron ore, construction waste, etc.

Performance advantages of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

  1. Large production capacity: strong crushing capacity, high production efficiency, high output, and uniform particle size of finished products. Reliable work, low operating cost and less consumption of wearing parts.
  2. High degree of automation: hydraulic protection and hydraulic cavity cleaning, high degree of automation, reduce downtime and improve work efficiency.
  3. Good grain shape of the finished product: The principle of lamination and crushing is adopted, and the finished grain shape is excellent and the gradation is reasonable. The crushed product is cube-shaped, with low needle flake content, no internal cracks, and high compressive strength.
  4. Less wear and longer service life: The equipment is easy to maintain and maintain, and the wearing parts are made of new high-strength wear-resistant materials in China, with small loss and long service life, which can bring considerable economic benefits to customers. The continuous update and research and development of the crushing equipment extend the wearing parts, have a long service life, and are easy to maintain and repair.

working principle of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher
During operation, the rotation of the motor drives the pulley or the coupling, the transmission shaft and the conical part to make the eccentric shaft perform periodic swing motion under the axis line. The mutual impact extrusion, grinding, and rubbing of the mortar walls produce the effect of crushing. The hydraulic insurance system can remove the faulty objects from the support sleeve and the fixed cone through hydraulic pressure when the machine has an iron failure or a boring phenomenon, which plays a good insurance role and greatly reduces the maintenance rate.

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