Selection of stone crushing equipment

There are many stone crushing equipment on the market. Jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, and mobile crusher can all crush stone. Which equipment to choose depends on your actual situation.

Jaw Crusher: As the existence of rough crushing in the mining industry, it is loved by many customers. The output is 1-1200t/h, and the output can be as much as you want. The materials that can be crushed are also various, and the common ones are rivers. Pebble, cobblestone, basalt, limestone, quartz stone, iron ore, bluestone, granite, shale, copper ore, steel slag, etc., can easily crush rocks, which model you want depends on your output requirements.

Impact Crusher: It is a common medium and fine crushing and is often used for secondary crushing in the mining industry. It is suitable for crushing limestone, quartz, dolomite, iron sulfide ore, coal and other brittle materials below medium hardness. It is suitable for 200 Various materials.

Cone crusher: Also used as secondary crushing in the mining industry, it is often distinguished from impact crusher. It mainly handles materials with hard materials, with a processing capacity of 18-725t/h. Low consumption, large crushing ratio and uniform product particle size.

Mobile crusher: The outstanding advantage of the mobile crusher is that it can be moved anytime and anywhere. It is not restricted by the site at all. It can drive where it wants to go, and work wherever it goes. It integrates feeding and crushing. , conveying, screening, etc. as a whole, forming a production line of its own, no need to match other equipment, simple and convenient. And you can make any combination of it according to your own needs, completely depending on your own ideas, saving trouble and effort and worry.

How to choose stone crushing equipment

1. According to material selection: choose equipment according to the softness of material, such as impact crusher for soft material; cone crusher for hard material.

2. According to the output selection: if the output demand is large, choose large equipment: jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, etc.; if the output demand is small, you can choose mobile crusher.

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