Application of limestone crushing equipment

Limestone is rich in resources and is widely used in the production of building materials and industrial raw materials. The hardness of limestone is average, so there are many types of crushers on the market that can process crushed limestone.

limestone crushing equipment
Processing of limestone For metallurgical and construction limestone, the main purpose is to crush and screen the ore. If the limestone powder product is further produced, the raw ore is crushed using a jaw crusher, impact crusher or cone crusher, and then the product is ground using a Raymond mill. The product fineness is 100-325 mesh.

Application of jaw crusher in limestone
Jaw crusher is the most commonly used and one of the most important crushing equipment in the limestone processing and production process. It can achieve primary crushing of super-large limestone ore and crush it into limestone raw materials of about 50 cm. The biggest feature of the jaw crusher is that the feed particle size is not limited, it can be very large, and the output is high.

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