Granite Jaw Crusher Manufacturer

The jaw crusher is used for granite processing, which has strong wear resistance, deep crushing cavity and large feeding volume. Granite raw materials have high hardness and large block size, and it is not easy to fully break them. The jaw crusher is a large-capacity, high-output stone crushing equipment with guaranteed crushing capacity. The large feeding port can accommodate large pieces of granite raw materials, and the two high wear-resistant jaw plates in the machine can easily fully process the hard granite without causing too much wear on itself. Granite grain size changes.

Granite jaw crusher performance advantages:

1. High material utilization rate and low operating cost
The special crushing cavity design of the granite jaw crusher makes the utilization rate of the jaw plate material higher, and one end of the jaw plate can be turned around and continue to be used, improving the utilization rate of materials and prolonging the service life.

2. High production efficiency and low operation failure rate
The insurance system of the granite jaw crusher is an overload protection device. Even if there are foreign objects such as iron pieces passing through the crushing cavity, it will not harm the machine. It is economical and durable to use, with high production efficiency and good product size.

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