Slag processing micro powder vertical mill

Slag grinding is an important part of slag powder processing. As the core equipment in the production process of slag grinding, Liming Heavy Industry’s slag processing micro powder vertical mill integrates fine crushing, grinding, drying, powder selection and conveying. The system is simple and compact in layout; low energy consumption, saving 30% to 40% of energy consumption compared with the ball mill system.

Product advantages of micro powder vertical mill

  1. Reduce investment costs and intelligent control
    It integrates crushing, drying, grinding, powder selection and conveying. Remote control, easy to operate.
  2. Freely adjust the fineness according to the demand
    The new high-efficiency cage rotor powder separator ensures that the specific surface area of ​​the finished product can be flexibly adjusted within the range of 400~550㎡/kg to meet the various fineness requirements of customers;
  3. The power consumption of a single machine does not exceed 30Kwh
    The use of horizontal grinding discs and conical grinding rollers ensures that the material can form a stable material bed, with low energy consumption, saving 30% to 40% compared with the ball milling system;
  4. Significant energy saving and environmental protection, easy maintenance
    The system is in a negative pressure state, no dust spills, the environment is clean, and it meets the national environmental protection requirements; it is convenient and quick to replace the roller sleeve and the liner by overhauling the oil cylinder, turning the rocker arm, and reducing the loss of downtime.
  5. The recycling income of ton of ore powder metal is large
    The specially designed iron removal device makes the recovery rate of pig iron reach 0.2-0.3%, and the production of each ton of slag can obtain higher metal income; it also avoids the phenomenon of metal “enrichment”, reduces the consumption of wearing parts, and reduces maintenance costs.

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