Classification of gravel aggregate crushing equipment

Gravel aggregate crusher can be divided according to its crushing principle: laminated type, roller type, impact type, hammer type.

The impact crusher is the crusher with the best discharge particle shape. The so-called best discharge particle shape means that the crushed materials all present a polygonal diamond shape with regular particle shape, which is more suitable for commercial concrete mixing plants.

The impact crusher mainly includes its representative vertical shaft impact crusher, also called sand making machine, and the impact crusher upgraded on the basis of hammer crushing. These two types of equipment are necessary equipment for the finished materials of the sand and gravel concrete mixing plant.

Gravel aggregate crushing equipment can also be divided into crushing types: coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing.

This is based on the size of the finished material after crushing by the crusher. Coarse crushing generally refers to jaw crushers with large feed ports, which are generally placed in the first crushing process on the sand and gravel crushing production line.

There are many types of medium crushing, such as cone crusher, impact crusher, fine jaw crusher, heavy hammer crusher, etc. The output particle shape can be controlled at the size of a fist, and even smaller ones can be called It is a medium-sized crusher.

Fine crushing means that the finished product is the finished sand and gravel aggregate we need. The best sand making machine is the masterpiece of fine crushing. As the name suggests, the sand making machine means that the finished material after crushing is the size of sand.

Another point is that the crushing production of crushed gravel aggregate is not something that can be completed by one piece of equipment. It is the combination of multiple sets of equipment to form a production line to meet the most suitable needs.

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