Lithium ore extraction lithium carbonate process

Lithium is found all around the world in different concentrations, and there are different ways to extract it from the Earth. A new extraction technology offers a superior method to production so the demand for lithium can be filled.

Lithium carbonate, as the main raw material for new energy batteries, cannot be obtained directly in nature. Lithium carbonate that can be used is obtained after a series of processing techniques such as lithium ore mining and ore dressing. In nature, lithium is mainly stored in the form of lepidolite, spodumene and other ores, and these lithium ores are lithium oxide, so it needs to be processed to obtain lithium carbonate.

The bulk materials after lithium ore mining are firstly crushed by electromagnetic beneficiation equipment; then, under the action of belt conveyor, they are evenly sent to the mill for deep grinding treatment; after grinding, lithium ore powder needs to be classified by spiral After screening, the qualified materials are sent to the flotation machine for sorting and impurity removal; the lithium ore concentrate obtained after flotation is dried to make it dry.

LM large-scale vertical mill can be used for grinding lithium ore. The vertical mill adopts modern technology and has a national patent. It integrates drying, grinding, powder selection, and transportation; Stable, concentrated particle size distribution, good at the field of non-metallic minerals.

Lithium Metal Extraction
At present, there are mainly two methods for industrial extraction of lithium metal: ore extraction and salt lake brine extraction, and ore extraction is further divided into spodumene ore extraction and lepidolite ore extraction.

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