Quartz sand making machine, vertical shaft impact crusher

Quartz sand is widely used in various fields, and different uses have different requirements for its particle size and shape. Here we need to choose the quartz sand making machine according to the purpose, and choose the appropriate equipment in combination with the performance of different sand making machines and our actual needs.

Quartz sand making machine can provide higher production capacity, better product grain shape, easy automatic control, greater reliability and flexibility, and create higher value for customers. The quartz stone sand making machine can be used in the crushing stone/sand making production line, and can be freely combined with other types of equipment to meet the different process requirements of customers and exert greater efficiency.

The vertical shaft impact crusher introduces German technology and absorbs the advanced technology of similar products. At the same time, it has a new generation of products with a number of independent research and development features. It integrates multiple crushing modes and has become the core equipment in the machine-made sand industry. It can be widely used in the crushing and shaping of metal and non-metal ores, building materials, artificial sand making and various metallurgical slags. Adopting the best material impact angle design in the crushing chamber, the wearing parts are not easy to wear and consume, which directly reduces the cost of production equipment. Humanized equipment makes equipment maintenance simple and convenient to use. This equipment is a new type of equipment widely used in the machine-made sand industry. It can effectively make marble, river pebbles, potassium feldspar, iron ore and other stones into small stones and sand materials of different particle sizes, and produce finished product particle sizes. Uniform and good quality.

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