Jaw Crusher Parts Maintenance

Because the thrust plate of the jaw crusher is made of cast iron, and the thrust plate seat is mostly steel casting or variant cast iron, the thrust plate plays the role of transmitting motion and force, and also plays a role in safety protection and adjustment of the size of the ore discharge. . Because the thrust plate is installed at the lower part of the body, maintenance is difficult, so the plate head and plate seat are easily worn parts, and the worn plate head and plate seat can be repaired by post-welding processing, spraying, brush plating and other methods. When the thrust plate is broken, it should be replaced with a new one due to its function. However, the combined thrust plate can be used after removing the plate head.

Jaw crusher is an important equipment in mining. Regularly check the wear of various parts of the crusher, and timely maintenance can reduce the cost of use. In addition, special attention should be paid to the fact that due to the large vibration of the crusher during operation, long-term wear and tear will easily lead to screw slippage and large screw holes. After these holes are worn, in addition to welding repairs, the through holes of the bolts can be welded with pads or enlarged threads. Diameter replacement bolts.

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