Cone crusher discharge efficiency

Cone crushers are divided into single-cylinder cone crushers and multi-cylinder cone crushers. The cone crusher adopts the lamination crushing method, and it is the key to improve the efficiency of the cone crusher, reduce the energy consumption, and increase the market competitiveness.

Feed particle size of cone crusher
For cone crushers, different types or models can process different feed sizes. If the feed size is not suitable, it will also cause the phenomenon that the output quality is not up to standard, so the feed size must be To meet the requirements of production equipment.

Cyclic load of cone crusher
The working process of the cone crusher is carried out in a closed-circuit cycle. If the discharge port is enlarged, the load in the cycle will be increased, and the grain shape of the stone will become better. During the whole process, due to the increase of the cycle load, each equipment in the system The wear of the crusher increases, but when the discharge port is enlarged, the load of the main crushing motor can be reduced, and the shape of the finished material is better.

crushing efficiency of cone crusher
The crushing efficiency refers to the ratio of the imported material and the particle size of the crushed finished product. The larger the ratio, the greater the crushing efficiency. Therefore, in production, the adjustment of the crushing efficiency is an important measure to ensure the discharge. Of course, the crushing efficiency is too small. No, this will reduce the output of the entire system, increase the internal circulation, and increase the wear of the cone crusher, so the selection of the crushing ratio needs to be appropriate.

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