limestone aggregate crushing plant

The limestone aggregate crushing plant is a special aggregate processing production line for crushing limestone, limestone and other hardness minerals. It can coarsely or finely crush limestone into various sizes of stones that meet production requirements. Conducive to the later deep processing of limestone.

The limestone aggregate crushing plant has become a common raw material crushing project in cement plants and stone plants. In the limestone aggregate crushing plant, jaw crushers, impact crushers, vibrating feeders, circular vibrating screens, etc. are usually used to form a production line , the raw ore is processed into building aggregates of different particle sizes. The limestone aggregate crushing plant can meet the requirements of high environmental protection efficiency and economical rationality.

The limestone aggregate crushing plant adopts two-stage crushing, and fully considers the matching of technical parameters between the various levels of crushing, which can not only ensure the particle shape quality of the product to the greatest extent, but also meet the best performance of various types of crushers. The finished aggregate fully meets the requirements of ordinary building aggregates. At the same time, according to the requirements of customers and local environmental protection, auxiliary layer removal equipment can be configured.

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