Application of stone crusher in industry

From raw materials to finished products, stone have to go through many procedures. The stone is crushed from the initial bulk to the required particle size through three-stage crushing, and if necessary, it is also subjected to grinding, screening, washing and other processes. Stone crushing requires the use of stone crushers, pulverizers, vibrating screens, sand washing machines and other stone mining equipment. Here I mainly introduce the application of stone crusher in the industry.

There are three main crushing methods of stone crusher: the first is crushing: the material is crushed by the extrusion force generated when the two crushing working faces approach. Jaw crusher and cone crusher are crushing machines mainly based on crushing methods. The second is splitting: it is broken by the splitting force of the sharp teeth wedging into the material. The force is concentrated and local fragmentation occurs, which is suitable for the crushing of brittle materials. The third is breaking: the material is like a two-point (or multi-point) beam that bears a concentrated load between the crushing working surfaces, so that the material itself is broken by the bending surface. When the stone is broken, these three methods are often carried out at the same time in order to obtain better stone.

The stone crusher has high crushing efficiency, simple structure, easy installation, low operating cost, and good grain shape of material output. It is very suitable for mining, earth and stone engineering, road construction aggregate processing, etc. The stone crusher produced by our factory has advanced science and technology and humanized operating system, and is equipped with perfect after-sales service.

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