Application of mobile crushing station

According to different crushing process requirements, the mobile crushing station is composed of a “first crushing and then screening” process, which can be combined into a two-stage screening system for coarse crushing and fine crushing, or a three-stage screening system for coarse, medium and fine, according to actual needs. The flexibility can meet the needs of different customers to the greatest extent, and form a fully functional crushing production line.

Flexible performance of mobile crushing station
The mobile crushing station adopts an integrated one-stop design, which integrates the crushing system and the screening system. A single device can achieve the closed-circuit effect of the crushing and screening operation, and can also flexibly set up a coarse-fine, coarse-medium-fine crushing production line .

Mobile crushing plant saves costs
The mobile crushing station can be transferred flexibly, and in addition to the crushing and screening system, it also has a feeding and transfer belt design, which can improve the efficiency during the production process and save additional transportation costs. In addition, the mobile crushing station is easy to install, simple to operate and maintain, and can effectively save the cost of later use.

Application scope of mobile crushing station
The mobile crushing station is suitable for the crushing of metal and non-metallic stones, and is widely used in mining, engineering construction, recycling of road concrete and material crushing in other industries.

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