Types and characteristics of ore crushers

Ore crushers generally cannot be crushed to the required product size at one time, but are carried out in stages. The crushing operation is usually divided into coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing. Coarse crushing usually crushes the ore particle size from 1000-300mm to 350-100mm, medium crushing to 100-40mm, and fine crushing to 20-12mm. Some concentrators also use one-stage crushing, two-stage or four-stage crushing.

There are many types of ore crushers. According to their working principle, process characteristics and structure, crushers can be divided into pendulum crushers (jaw crushers), rotary pendulum crushers (gyratory crushers, cone crushers, etc.), roller crushers, etc. There are several types of crushers and impact crushers.

Ore Crusher Processing Flow
The common crushing process in ore crushing plants is a three-stage closed-circuit crusher process with coarse, medium, and fine crushing plus screening, but there are also two-stage open-circuit or closed-circuit crushing processes. The first stage of the three-stage crushing process is coarse crushing, generally using jaw crusher or gyratory crusher; the second stage, middle crushing, mostly adopts standard cone crusher; the third stage is fine crushing, often using short-head cone crusher Crusher. For processing a small amount of ore, a roller crusher can be used in the third stage. In the two-stage-one-closed-circuit crushing process, medium-sized cone crushers are mostly used in the last stage, and impact crushers or hammer crushers can be used in small-scale processing plants or when crushing brittle materials.

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