Aggregate crushing production line equipment

The aggregate crushing production line is a typical production line for producing high-quality sand and gravel materials. Its production process types are designed differently, and the complete set of aggregate crushing production line equipment is also different. The complete aggregate crushing production line includes the following systems: primary crushing system, semi-finished product storage system, medium and fine crushing system, screening system, finished product storage system, electrical automation system, spare parts and maintenance system, etc.

Aggregate crushing production line equipment configuration
The technological process of the aggregate crushing production line is mainly composed of a crushing system, a sand making system, a screening system, a conveying system and a feeding system, but at the same time, the technological process is also determined according to the hardness, size and output of the material.

The equipment combination of jaw crusher + cone crusher / impact crusher + impact sand making machine + sand washing machine (optional) + vibrating screen is used. The modulus of stone fineness is adjustable. The impact sand making machine is a kind of equipment with higher output and more intelligent technology in the aggregate crushing production line. The quality standard, and the combination is the discharge head, which reduces the maintenance cost by 30%.

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