Spodumene crushing processing equipment

The spodumene crushing and processing equipment mainly includes coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing. The specific equipment configuration should be selected according to the actual site conditions and investment budget. Different sites choose different types of spodumene crushing processing equipment. Spodumene crushing and processing equipment includes: jaw crusher, cone crusher, vertical mill.

Spodumene Jaw Crusher: Jaw Crusher is commonly used coarse crushing equipment in mine crushing production. Because of its simple structure and reliable operation, it can meet the crushing and processing of various materials, and has a complete range of models.

Spodumene Cone Crusher: Cone Crusher is a hydraulic crusher with high power, high crushing ratio and high productivity. Cone crusher is suitable for crushing raw materials in metallurgy, construction, road construction, chemistry, silicate and other industries, and can crush various ores and rocks with medium hardness or above. The hardness of spodumene is 6.5-7, so the cone crusher is used to break the spodumene.

Spodumene vertical mill: The vertical mill is called vertical mill for short, and the vertical mill can process spodumene into powder between 80-425 mesh. The vertical mill integrates crushing, drying, grinding, grading and conveying, and can be widely used in cement, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, non-metallic minerals and other industries, focusing on non-metallic minerals, coal powder and slag.

The spodumene crushing and processing equipment produced by our company has high output and stable performance. It provides guarantee for customers to obtain economic benefits, and is the first choice of crushing equipment buyers.

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