Lithium ore ball mill type

The lithium ore ball mill is a device for further crushing the crushed lithium ore. Usually the input particle size is 20~30mm, and the output particle size should be ≤0.074mm, that is, below 200 mesh. When the ball mill is working, the main bearing drives the cylinder to rotate, and the crushed lithium ore enters from the feed end. The rotating cylinder forces the steel balls in the cylinder to rotate with the lithium ore and collide with each other to further crush the lithium ore. Purpose.

Lithium ore ball mill is a new type of ball mill. The ball mill is developed and innovated on the basis of the original grid or overflow ball mill. It has changed the transmission device of the traditional ball mill in the past and equipped it with a slow speed transmission device, which can reduce the energy consumption of the ball mill by 30% %about.

Lithium ore ball mill liners can be customized, and suitable ball mill liners can be customized according to the properties of lithium ore to ensure the wear resistance of the ball mill and prolong the service life of the ball mill.

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