Spodumene beneficiation and crushing process

The main equipment of the spodumene beneficiation and crushing process includes the jaw crusher for coarse crushing of spodumene, the cone crusher for fine crushing of spodumene, and the storage of crushed spodumene. Silo, vertical mills for grinding spodumene, cyclones for classifying spodumene, flotation machines for flotation of spodumene; cyclones and vertical mills It forms a closed-circuit grinding and grading cycle, which improves the efficiency and fineness of grading and grinding.

The spodumene beneficiation and crushing production line consists of main equipment such as jaw crusher, cone crusher, vertical mill, classifier, flotation machine, thickener and dryer, in conjunction with feeder, elevator, belt conveyor The machine can form a complete spodumene beneficiation production line. The production line has the advantages of high output, low energy consumption, high processing capacity, and reasonable economy.

The spodumene beneficiation and crushing stage adopts a three-stage and one closed-circuit crushing process. The ore crushing particle size is controlled below 15mm. The selected equipment is two jaw crushers for coarse and medium crushing, and one cone crusher for fine crushing.

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